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Our Story 

Then a Dream, Now a Legacy 


Behind every great man is a powerful woman; and between them, a story that speaks of tenacity, unity, and of a love that transcends the test of time. Many don’t get the opportunity to tell their stories, but today we have the honor of sharing with you ours. 


In 1991 two close friends and I ventured on an idea that quickly became The Lion’s Den. Growing up I always knew my way around a kitchen. And for many years I worked behind the scenes of several local restaurants in the Virgin Islands. The potential of being more than just a line cook and actually becoming a head chef/business owner was right before me and I just knew I had to take the chance to see if this dream could turn into reality. So began the journey of The Lion’s Den. For three years we served locals and tourists alike with our food, allowing them to take home plates of our culture and cuisine day by day; until we came to the realization that we could be doing so much more. It was time for a change and nothing screamed change more than the mainland, America. So, we moved and the hopes that we had for The Lion’s Den came with us.


It was a new beginning, in a new place and my wife and I really had our work cut out for us. Moving to the United States with two small children was no easy feat, yet we were determined to make something of this dream that had already begun. But how? Well first, we started with a name change. What was affectionately known then as The Lion’s Den creatively became Caribbean Flavors and with my wife’s full support we opened our first location in Eutaw, Alabama ;with me as the chef and my wife as the bartender. But, was that enough? No, we needed to expand. We had a vision of giving people in America a taste of the Caribbean without having to travel overseas and in order to do that, we had to touch as many places in America as we could. So in a year’s time we brought up our original team from The Lion’s Den, recruited family and friends nearby and opened our second location on Edgewood & Boulevard in Atlanta, Georgia. Two years following, we opened our third location in Charlotte, North Carolina. And a year after that, we opened our fourth location inside of a night club on Memorial Drive in Atlanta. We were on top of the world, traveling back and forth to each location weekly; truly establishing ourselves as the first fine dining Virgin Islands Restaurant in America. However, in our efforts to take America by storm, we recognized that our children were being neglected the opportunity of having normal childhoods. So, we made the ultimate decision to no longer operate as a full fledged restaurant /night club and instead decided to scale back and focus on providing catering services only. 


To our benefit, the transition from full on restaurant to catering was quite simple and for eight years we thrived just off of the referrals given to us by our existing clientele. We had the pleasure of seeing our children grow and experience life to the fullest. And we were content with the direction of where our business was going. That is, until our oldest graduated from Culinary Arts school and proposed that we revamp our business and incorporate everything that he had just learned. Without any hesitation, we agreed and shortly opened a new Caribbean Flavors Restaurant in Lawrenceville, Georgia, not just as husband and wife, but now as a family. For fifteen years we operated as both a restaurant and catering company and took the state of Georgia by storm. In those fifteen years, we made an appearance on Atlanta & Company and catered for large corporations, such as The Virgin Islands Tourism Board, SunTrust, Sears, Home Depot, and many more. We have grown tremendously in our mission to provide a taste of the Caribbean without having to travel overseas to many patrons in the United States and now after twenty-eight years we are no longer a mom and pop restaurant. Caribbean Flavors is now an EXPERIENCE. 

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